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All prices excluding taxes. German residents add 16% to all prices.

Write to sales (at) zwanzigeins.de for reseller prices.

Unsupported free trial version
2 Domains, 5 User, 1 Mailinglist
Client: 2 Domains, 5 User
incl. MailHub/MailClient/AV-Scan
Cost: 0,00 EUR

Support for free version is available only through the ZT-help mailing list. Questions will be answered on an "as time permits" basis.

Supported and higher-capability versions

Base version
Server: 100 Domains, 10 User, 2 Mailinglists
Cost: 15,00 EUR

Operates in stand alone mode or as a Mailhub client. Includes one year of  priority support during business times by email. Priority support may be renewed for additional years by paying 25% of the original licencing amount each year. Free upgrades are available for the duration of the priority support.

Upgrades to allow additional users
Up to
25  users total add
60,00 EUR
Up to
50  users total add
135,00 EUR
Up to
100  users total add
285,00 EUR
Up to
250  users total add
735,00 EUR
Up to
500  users total add
1485,00 EUR
Up to
750  users total add
2235,00 EUR
Up to
1000  users total add
2985,00 EUR

Updates to allow additional domains:
Up to
  250  domains total add
375,00 EUR
Up to
   500  domains total add
1000,00 EUR

Updates to allow additional mailinglists
Up to
 mailinglists total add
25,00 EUR
Up to
   10  mailinglists total add 50,00 EUR
Up to
   25  mailinglists total add 125,00 EUR
Up to
   50  mailinglists total add 250,00 EUR
Up to
   100  mailinglists total add 500,00 EUR

For a larger number of users, domains or mailinglists please email for volume pricing.

Additional features:
With AV-Scan functionality add
(AV scanner not included) *
35,00 EUR
With Mailhub functionality add
(Server side)
250,00 EUR 

* Supported scanners: Norman AV 

Mailhub client licence
The Mailhub client is licenced per installation on the customer site and need a separate key file. The free, unsupported version of the client can handle 2 domains and 5 users. See conditions and prices above.  Your Mailhub server operator may have special prices for bundles of the Mailhub client software and use of their Mailhub server.

Reseller pricing available on request. Ask sales(at)zwanzigeins.de
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