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ZeroToaster::MTA is a very fast, responsive POP3 and SMTP mailserver with superior spam filtering features and all the features an ISP, Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) or Individual user requires.

A decade ago it started out as an exercise designed to prove the strength of Java technology, resulting in an excellent application for sending, receiving and processing e-mail for small organizations with 1-30 domains and less than 300 users. Since then it has been revised and reworked, utilizing our staff's ever expanding knowledge base and capabilities, resulting in the current ZeroToaster product.

This is a high grade, sophisticated, multithreaded environment capable of running on multiple operating systems with a wide range of features.  It is highly configurable, which makes it an ideal application for companies of any size, no matter how simple or complex your processing needs may be. 

In addition to the software, we have an excellent team of support staff that's had extensive experience with Java applications.  We have the knowledge and the tools to provide you with the best possible solution for all of your e-mail needs, no matter how large or small your company is.

The readers of the OS2WORLD news portal voted ZeroToaster::MTA as the best Java application of the year (link)
OS2 World.Com Award Winner 2004!

- Java 1.1.8 or later (Java2 is fine)
- A Filesystem which allows long filenames
- An operating system with a working TCP/IP stack
eg Windows, OS/2, Linux, Unix, OS/390...
- About 10 MB free RAM

- RFC compliant POP3 and SMTP implementation
- Virtual domain support
- Bayesian Spamfilter
- POP3 retrieval from external mailboxes

Current release: 2.80b, 14. Feb 2007 (see Download)
Current beta: -/-
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