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- RFC compliant POP3 and SMTP implementation
- SMTP AUTH support
- Virtual domain support
- Bayesian Spamfilter
- RBL support for blocking and filtering
- Mailhub client/server ("Poor man's Exchange Server")
- POP3 retrieval from external mailboxes
- Mail import
- SENDMAIL emulation
- Traffic accounting (bytes transferred by Day/Month and User/Domain, internal & relay)
- Configuration through a Java GUI (offering local AND remote administration)
- Server runs as a console application (no GUI needed on the mailserver)
- Configurable notifications to the postmaster
- Automatic postmaster routing
- All important services are started in advance for faster response
- Global Postmaster name and address
- All services can be bound to all IP addresses, or a specific IP address
- Individual socket timeouts per service
- Able to query multiple DNS servers for redundancy/reliability
- Able to work without a DNS server
- Small memory footprint
- Installation fits on a floppy disk

  SMTP (incoming messages)
  - Can enforce limit on number of receivers in RCPT command (reduces spam)
  - Configurable welcome message, one line or multiple lines
  - Configurable relaying by user, domain and network
  - Configurable whitelist and blacklist by user, domain and network
  - ESMTP (enhanced SMTP) support, including EHLO.
  - Domain aliasing
  FWD (outgoing messages)
  - Configurable retries and notifies

  Domain Services
  - Virtual domain support (multiple domains on a single IP)
  - SMTP after POP3 mail relay authentication
  - Domain default delivery ("catch-all" account: Mailmaster)
  - Anti-Virus (AV) scanning with external scanning engines
  - POP3 and SMTP access can be switched off for individual domains
  - Templates for configuration of various services
  - Quota support
  User Services
  - Bayesian Spamfiltering (heuristic/statistical approach)
  - RBLs can be used in the Bayes filter
  - POP3 and SMTP access can be allowed/denied from multiple netblocks
  - Redirection of incoming messages
  - Able to disable individual accounts
  - Per-user control over SMTP after POP3 access
  - Carbon copy (CC) support (deliver incoming message to additional users)
  - Multiple access levels for remote administration
  - Quota support

  Configuration GUI
  - Fast Java GUI with a small memory footprint
  - Remote servers can be administered as easily as local servers
  - Traffic accounting viewer
  - Secure file manager (download/edit/upload of ZeroToaster files)
  - Easy remote update of the application files
  - Live server monitoring (runtime, memory, service load and usage)
  - Live logfile monitoring (watch acitivity on your server remotely)
  - Mail viewer
  - Netmask calculation tool
ZeroToaster::MV (POP3 Mailview GUI)
- Your swiss army knife to examine your spambin and other POP3 mailboxes
- Able to poll every POP3 compliant System
- Multiple POP3 servers can be defined
- Reads only the headers (fetch more lines of message on demand)
- Displays number of waiting messages
- Quick view sorted by UIDL, Envelope-From/To, Header-From/To,
  Subject, Orginating IP (unresolved/resolved) (*1)
- Rename message ("spam false positives") to a different address (*2)
- Easily delete messages on server (3)
- Allows serverside readdressing of misdirected mails
- Clever Message tracking gives you a true "point & delete" feature, only
  selected messages are deleted from server - other clients need to reload
  the whole messagebase for deletion and a 2nd run to refresh the display.
- The "must have" tool for postmasters and spam-contaminated modem users!

(1) Sorting by Envelope-From/To requries matching and processable
    "Envelope-*" lines in the header. Sorting by "Orginating IP" needs ZT 2.30
    and above or any other server which supports the "X-Routed-IP" Header
(2) Needs ZT 2.30 and above or any other server which supports the
    XREN command during the POP3 process
(3) Requires a working UIDL implementation in the server. Most servers do
    this, but you should try it on a test account first.

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